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Sedation Options

For some patients, going to the dentist is not always easy. Many suffer severe anxiety and fear this will limit them from receiving the dental treatment they need. At Harbourfront Dental, our focus is on the relaxation and comfort of our patient. Different sedative options are available for your individual needs and each option can provide a more relaxed experience.

Sedation Dentistry - for dental anxiety

Sedation Dentistry is a reliable option for patients who will be undergoing dental treatment and are severely nervous or anxious about the procedure. A common mistake made by patients who suffer from dental anxiety is postposing or neglecting their dental needs, which may result in more serious oral health issues. Sedation dentistry is available so that these patients can cope with their dental phobias or anxiety and no longer feel the need to avoid their dental appointments. Oral medication or IV sedation can be arranged for those in need.

Nitrous Oxide

Another dental sedation technique is Nitrous Oxide, an odorless gas that is inhaled through a mask by the patient during their procedure. This form of sedation is mild and will help the patient to feel a sense of well-being while still remaining conscious. When the procesure is over, pure oxygen reverses the effects very quickly.

Don’t shy away from your dental needs. Call Harbourfront Dental for more information on these sedation options.

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