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Sports Guards & Nightguards

Mouth guards play an important factor in athletic activity, as they help minimize and prevent damage to the teeth and joints. Guards can also be worn at night to prevent teeth grinding, a common problem amongst patients. No matter what your reason for wearing a mouth guard is, there are several designs to fit each individual person.

Sports Guards - custom made, why, benefits

Mouth guards are highly recommended and often required for anyone playing an aggressive sport or engaging in contact activity. Guards can be bought pre-made or can be custom made to fit the individual. Each guard should be maintained and cared for, cleaned after each use and stored in a ventilated container. Sport guards help reduce trauma by absorbing the shock received by aggressive hits and movements. Custom guards provide the optimum fit and protection for both teeth and jaw joints.

Bite Appliances - for bruxism

Bruxism is the term used to describe the act of grinding or clenching one’s teeth, often while asleep, and may result in chipping, filling damage and headaches. Wearing a guard to bed will help prevent these damages and ease the pain.

Sports guards and bite appliances could mean a world of difference to the comfort and safety of your mouth.

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